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We are an Independent Expenditure Committee (also known as a PAC) with very definite, clear goals in mind and a specific road map to achieve our goals. We have set forth below who we are, what we plan to do, why we are doing it and how we will get there.


We are a group of local residents concerned, like most, about the preservation of our democracy and the negative impact of Right-wind Extremism, not just nationally but locally as well. Sadly, we have seen this extremism seep into our State and local communities. The plain truth is that the GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln or Reagan. It is the party of Trump. And that, unfortunately, has ramifications in our own backyard, which means that we must make certain that our State and our community remain committed to the values we hold dear as Americans. That in turn requires that we elect public officials committed to these goals. It means that extremism must be removed from our political landscape. If you’re still unsure about how Trump affects local politics, read the New Yorker article, “How Greenwich Republicans Learned to Love Trump”: “



We believe that democracy is a fragile concept, which must be protected at every level of government, starting locally. If we do not protect it here, we cannot hope for it to flourish in the broader country. And, to those who believe Connecticut is and has been a leader in ensuring democratic principles, we say "we agree,” but it will not remain such unless we work to make certain that those forces who would have it otherwise are repelled at every turn. We are committed to this fight and the preservation of our democratic institutions.


The Committee will be governed by 3 to 5 members of a board (the “Board”), consisting of members nominated and voted on by the Founders of the Committee, namely those who have signed our introductory cover letter. The Board will have a Chair, a Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer, each of whom will volunteer their time to the Committee. Anyone committed to the principles of the Committee and who is interested in taking on the role and responsibility of the Board is eligible to being appointed to the Board by the Founders.  

The initial Board members are Sandy Litvack (Chair), Cheryl Moss (Lead Director of the Board) and Chris Trepp (Treasurer).  They will be responsible for day to day operations of the Committee.  

Those who contribute funds to the Committee will be informed of our work as we issue statements, take positions and advocate with respect to particular races or issues. All contributions will be used only to further the mission of the Committee. 


Any necessary administrative expenses will be limited to 5% of the total contributions received in the prior year. Any excess administrative expenses will be borne by the members of the Board.



Our goals are simple and limited:

1-    To do all we can to make sure that every eligible voter can vote without fear or obstacles;

2-    To reject and help defeat those candidates who have supported and continue to support Right-wing Extremism and all it represents or who have been silent enablers of this scourge; and

3-    To support candidates who share our commitment to support and defend the Constitution, address the basic and critical issues facing us as a society, who offer sensible and reasonable solutions to these problems, who tell the truth, who respect each member of our community and who are committed to protecting the rights of all residents, while trying to patch the discord that has arisen.


We will accomplish our mission through every media possible -- the only limitation being financial. We intend to use mail, social media and, if possible, paid media wherever it can be effective. Through the various media, we will:

1-     Focus on reaching the population in our town that for one reason or another are disengaged, indifferent and/or uninformed about our local elected officials and candidates running for office;

2-    Support only those candidates who tell the truth, have serious, sensible plans and who are pledged to protect the basic values we hold dear;

3-    Make sure the true facts are known and call out lies, half-truths and misstatements which are too often put forth without independent challenge;

4-     Scrutinize and report on the records of state and local candidates to make certain that the voters have the information they need to make a choice;

5-     Act as an important counter-balance to the local Republican publications and media which often provide a slanted, inaccurate, picture of the relevant facts; and

6-    Identify those who have supported Trumpism or sat silently by while our country and our individual rights have been under assault from Charlottesville to Minneapolis to Portland.

Our Approach Will Be Simple and Direct:

1-    We will NOT associate or coordinate with any candidate or any party; 

2-    We will prepare our own messages and our own assessments;

3-    We will reach out to every voter, Democrat, Republican or Unaffiliated, who values our democracy and is concerned to make certain we protect it right here in our State and our community;

4-    We will not pull punches or be intimidated; and   

5-    We will be honest and direct.

The time for silence and carefully parsed messages is gone. It is critical, in our view, to be honest, forthright and direct. Time is too short and the stakes are too high for anything else.



Most of all we need financial support to make this happen and effective. Each of us has committed ourselves financially to this project but we need both more money and more support from a wider group of voters. Please join us in this effort. Together we can truly make a difference. Support us, join us and together we can accomplish one of the most important tasks we have ever faced - defending our Constitution and our democracy right here in our community.

Paid for by Voices for Democracy, Chris Trepp, Treasurer.  This message was made independent of any candidate or political party.

Additional information about Voices for Democracy may be found on the State Elections Enforcement Commission’s Internet website.

Greenwich Voices for Democracy

P.O. Box 4386

Greenwich, CT 06831-9998

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