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We are a group of local residents concerned, like most, about the preservation of our democracy and the continued negative impact of the previous administration and its effect on our local government. We believe that democracy is a fragile concept which must be protected at every level of government, starting locally. If we do not protect it here, we cannot hope for it to flourish in the broader country. And, to those who believe Connecticut is and has been a leader in ensuring democratic principles, we say "we agree,” but it will not remain such unless we work to make certain that those forces who would have it otherwise are repelled at every turn.

Our goals are simple and limited:


  1. To do all we can to make sure that every eligible voter can vote without fear or obstacles;

  2. To reject and help defeat those candidates who have supported and continue to support Trumpism and all it represents or who have been silent enablers of this scourge; and

  3. To support candidates who share our commitment to support and defend the Constitution, address the basic and critical issues facing us as a society, who offer sensible and reasonable solutions to these problems, who tell the truth, who respect each member of our community and who are committed to protecting the rights of  all residents, while trying to patch the discord that has arisen.

Paid for by Voices for Democracy, Chris Trepp, Treasurer.  This message was made independent of any candidate or political party.

Additional information about Voices for Democracy may be found on the State Elections Enforcement Commission’s Internet website.

Greenwich Voices for Democracy

P.O. Box 4386

Greenwich, CT 06831-9998